“Rye” bread/My bread

In Denmark, rye bread is a necessary part of our diet – we simply don’t understand how the rest of the world can keep their bowels regular without this sour, fiber rich, dense product and you will often find Danes arriving on their holiday destinations, opening their suitcases and them being full of rye bread …… as you can hear, I am not a massive fan, however it is really healthy and for our Christmas lunch it is necessary to serve it with herring.

My husband turned out to be allergic til rye, which is a real shame, as he (as opposed to me), actually loves the stuff. It has been painful to watch him putting his herring on white bread – it just isn’t the same!

So this year, after I started making sour dough breads and I had a sourdough starter in my fridge, I decided to try to make non rye bread – he calls it “my bread”.

The approximate recipe:

Using ca 1 dl of my starter (which I had brought to room temperature and fed with a handful of wholemeal flour 4 hours before), I made a batter of the mix, 250 g regular flour and enough water to turn it into a thick batter.

I left this overnight and next morning it was bubbling away. I now put any seeds I could find in my cupboard (pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds etc) in a small bowl (I used approximately 2 1/2 dl seeds) , covered them with boiling water (about an 3 cm/1 inch above the seeds) and left them to soften and soak up the water for approximately an hour. This mixture was added to the batter along with salt, 2 dl more warm water, flour and wholemeal flour……. this was now mixed together into a sticky, dough and left to prove for the day.

Later I poured it into a large baking tin and left it to prove for 2-3 hour again. Now it was ready to bake and I baked for 1 hour at 200 degrees………… and the result was a rye bread which my husband could eat and the rest of the family also enjoyed….

For English people attempting this: be aware – this is not a light, airy bread – it is heavy and  dense and sour – unlike bread you can buy in English supermarkets…. so don’t think you have made messed up the recipe – this is the way it is supposed to be.

Most of my baking is done without measuring, so I honestly can’t remember how much of what I put in, but when I bake a loaf next time, I will make sure to observe the ingredients I put in mores precisely and write it all down – but I have experimented my way to this loaf – I am sure you can too!!