Back to normality……..

So, normality has returned after 17 days off for Christmas, and talking about food is not highest on my agenda – we eat, I work, I exercise and am a mother and a wife and that cycle continues again and again and again, so I have not had time or energy for any food projects. I did however bake The World’s Best Bread again and will now share the secret with you guys.

There is a video here – it is in Danish, but watch it as it makes the written instructions very clear! (it’s quite difficult to write it down but with the video it makes a lot more sense)

Anyway, you need a Römertopf, like mine or a cast iron pan to create the crispy crust and the crust and crumb you get doing it this way is down to two things: the wet dough and the moisture kept underneath the lid of the pan acting like the stem in a baker’s oven.

It’s really easy to make, but takes time and needs planning because of the time it needs to rise.


  • a tiny bit of compressed yeast OR a small pile of dry yeast both no bigger than the size of a pea.
  • 650 g flour
  • 5 dl water
  • 2 teaspoons of salt

First dissolve the yeast in the tepid water. Mix the rest of the ingredients into the water till there are no dry clumps.

Cover in clingfilm and leave 9-12 hours to prove (rise).

Now spread flour onto your work surface and pour the wet dough onto the flour. Carefully fold the dough 3-4 times.

Take a shallow pan, cover it with oil, spread flour all over – now it’s ready to lift the wet, folded dough into to prove second time for 2 hours. Cover with clingfilm.

In the meantime, turn your oven onto 250 degrees – highest setting. Put the pan or the Römertopf in the oven from cold and leave it in the oven for about 1 hour for both the oven and the pan to get very hot. This is a necessary step as the bread will burn onto the sides of the pan if it is not smoking hot.

When the pan and oven has been on for an hour and your dough has proved for the second time, take the pot out of the oven and carefully tip the dough into the pan. Make sure it doesn’t cling to the sides, using a spatula or dough scraper to loosen it from the sides as it falls into the pan.

Put a lid on the pan and bake on 250 degrees for 30 minutes, then take off the lid, reduce heat to 230 degrees and leave to bake for another 15 minutes.

Remove from pan immediately and leave to cool on a rack before cracking into the bread:


  • put cubes of feta cheese and olives in half in the dough
  • Chop fresh herbs and add cubes of cheese or feta cheese
  • Roast red onions till soft and caramelised and add to the dough
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Replace 300 g of the flour with rye flour for a coarser bread
  • Take a mixture of seeds, boil for 5 minutes to soften and add to the dough
  • Chop sun dried tomatoes and add to the dough



Chicken in the Römertopf

Am christening another Christmas present today: the Römertopf, the clay pot with a lid. You are supposed to be able to cook all sorts of things in it, but everyone says: “bung in a chicken – it’ll be great”.

So I have bunged in a chicken, as ordered! I threw in some pieces of apple, celery, onions and some bacon …. exciting times.

Chicken in a pot

To go with it I have cut up a mix of root vegetables: potatoes, beetroot (not the stuff in vinegar – the vegetable itself) and parsnips and roasted them next to the pot with thyme, lemon, salt, pepper and a little bit of honey. I saw Jamie (Oliver, my mate) do something like that once and it made the vegetable shiny, crisp and slightly caramelised….

Baked root vegetables with lemon, thyme, sea salt and honey

I also made winter coleslaw: finely sliced red cabbage, small cubes of apple, fresh leek, some roasted nuts and a balsamic red wine vinegar, oil, honey and mustard vinaigrette  – some raisins also taste nice in there as well as some slices of orange….

Winter cole slaw

The whole dinner tasted really good and the chicken was really moist and tender- am now looking forward to making a loaf of bread in the pot…..that’s supposed to be better than any baker’s bread!

Bread in the Römertopf, not my picture - pictures is from madifoelgemig.bloegspot

Christmas presents for me

Well, it is no surprise that I received some  kitchen related presents this year; my brother gave me a pizza stone and my step mum bought me a Römertopf:


This beauty is supposed to make cooking healthier, easier and less messy as it’s an all-in-one-pot kinda pot!

Am excited to experiment with the pizza stone and the pot – have never tried either!