Food plan, week 5, 2012

Life seems to evolve around work, training, more work and more training, but today has come to a halt as Lukas has had an ear ache on and off for 3 days and now it’s become clear that it’s not going to blow over by itself, so I am staying at home from work so get him to the doctor.Today I am baking loads of bread: healthy buns, baked with wholemeal flour, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and oats as well as burger buns for tonight’s “take-away”. May also do a couple of loaves to put in the freezer for next week.

Food wise I have not had anything specific on the go since I (again) cooked an Indian feast for my family on Sunday – this time I added a home made mango chutney.

I added 4 spoonfuls of white balsamic vinegar and 3 spoonfuls of sugar to the recipe as I didn’t find the sweet and sour taste to my liking, But then it was great and what I like is that when you make it fresh, let it cool and eat it the same day, you can really taste the mangoes….

Next week is going to be a bit uninspired -am still working through the content of the fridge and freezer so it is what it is (and pay day is on Tuesday!!!)

Sunday: Pork roast with crackling and roast potatoes and carrots with honey and lemon

Monday: Matt and Lukas alone: tomato soup and mashed potatoes (Lukas’ recipe), I will have a sandwich when I come home.

Tuesday: pumpkin soup, click on the link to see the recipe I am going to attempt:

Wednesday: I am home late, so am hoping there is enough soup left from Tuesday or we will have beans on toast.

Thursday: Spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti and meatballs, served with salad

Friday: cottage pie served with broccoli, carrots and peas

Saturday:  Thai green chicken and vegetable curry, served with noodles or rice

Sunday: Broccoli and fish quiche, served with salad

Week 6: I am alone from Monday as Matt and Lukas are in the UK, so probably won’t do a plan as I haven’t got a clue where I will be and what I will be doing and probably won’t bother cooking for myself,