Food plan, week 41

Sunday: Cauliflower couscous with chicken wrapped in bacon filled with ajvar

Monday: Peppers filled with spices mince, topped with cheese, served a tomato sauce and tzatziki

Tuesday: Sausages and a winter coleslaw

Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs (with proteinpasta for me and normal pasta for Lukas)

Thursday: eat at the school – Lukas has a bought sandwich, I will bring one on a protein bun

Friday: Pizza (normal style)

Saturday: Quiche with an almond base, with bacon and cheese – served with a winter coleslaw


A new life

It’s along time since I wrote anything in here! Food is my creative outlet and my creative outlet gets put on hold when I don’t feel too good – and I have not felt good! I recently separated from my husband. It was hard, but we both agree, necessary. We are the best of friends again, which is good. We agree on everything for the first time in alooooong time – what to do with Lukas, economy, private life etc. We are both a lot happier than we were, so that’s all good. Lukas stays with each of us for 7 days at a time, which is something he, himself, has wished for!

It’s hard on Lukas, but I totally thinks that as long as Matt and I can continue our great teamwork, Lukas will be alright.

I have lived with my lovely sister and her family and I am utterly grateful for their hospitality and open arms every time I am in need. They are the most amazing people, who let me into their lives, though they are having a hard time as it is. But now Matt has found a new flat closer to The Big City, Århus. That means that Lukas and I can move back into our old flat very soon, and I know we are all looking forward to it.

Foodwise, I am hoping to find my creativity again, but s far, my time has been spent thinking I was a teenager with crazy parties, drinking, snogging, dating and generally cathing up! It’s awesome and I am loving every moment of it!

Life has its ups and downs and my days are no different, but generally I am happy and looking forward to what the rest of my life brings me!


Well, life has thrown me a curve ball – or I threw it, still not sure, but some things have changed drastically. I am not ready to reveal the details as it may not be permanent, but it means I have been having a hard time recently and I have not actually exercised or eaten well for quite a few months. I need to get back to life and thereby I also mean get back to taking more care of myself, exercising more and eating better again. This is all theoretical, though, as I am still feeling stressed inside and when I’m stressed, I find it hard to concentrate on these things.

Also, a group has been formed on Facebook called Baggy Trousers  it’s a private group for people who want to lose weight and it inspired me to get started again and to start blogging about food again, so here I find myself, on my blog again for the first time since Mother’s Day in the beginning of May. I have nothing to report on the issue of food, apart from the intent to START reposrting on the issue of food soon!

Mother’s Day

I was brought up with Mother’s Day being a commercial stunt and something we didn’t celebrate. In England it was a bit more advertised and we used to make a little bit of a point out of it, but back here in Denmark it has been forgotten completely – and though I do agree that it is a commercial stunt, a little part of me still gets dissapointed when nothing happens – and at the same time, I don’t want to fall into the claws of the florists.

This morning I got up before anyone else (as I always do) and no one had remembered Mother’s Day (still not sure how to feel about it), but we decided to do something nice as a family – we discussed the pool (discarded as we are going to my dad’s next weekend and the pool there is a mini water world), going to see The Avengers (also discarded as it’s a certificate 11 and Lukas is only 6), having dinner at a restaurant (discarded as it’s really expensive and it’ll be busy with mothers and kids celebrating Mother’s Day), so we ended up on having a picnic on a beach some where later. So right  now I am cooking:
We are having
  • home made cheesy buns
  • homemade vegetable samosas
  • Pasta salad
  • crisps and cinnamon swirls (not homemade)………..

I guess that getting the chance to cook for my family is in the end the nicest celebration of Mother’s Day for me




Man, it’s a long time since I was last on here. Life has been pretty hectic the last 3 weeks and writing on a food blog seemed the last thing I had time to do. But things have quieted down a bit and I have a moment, sitting in my bed, under the bunk we made for Lukas, in a ray of sunshine, whilst Lukas and his mate are entertaining themselves in front of the television. Matt is at my dad’s chopping wood, so am looking forwards to a couple of days of Lukas and Mummy time.

What has happened, food wise, since I was last on here? Well, I have started cooking at parties with Noelia. It’s hard work, but I learn a lot and Noelia is great company. We have done two dos so far – a 25 year anniversary with 74 people and a wedding with 70 people. Noelia’s food can be characterised with the words: buffet, simple, hearty with a twist of warm countries. So far I have learned how to make a REAL guacamole (mine is apparently just an avocado dip with garlic, shame on me) spanakopita, a load of fish dishes and tasted her slow cooked roast of sirloin, which had been cooked at 50 degrees for 5 hours – it melted in my mouth – SO glad, I am not a vegetarian.

Another food event was our holiday to Norway where the key words were: bread, LOADS of food and beauty. We visited my cousin and he lives on the southern coast of Norway in a place which is so beautiful, you cannot describe it, so I will just post a picture instead!

View from the decking

We ate so much food; I am surprised I only gained 1 kg. We baked about 12 loaves of bread and 8 baguettes, had freshly caught herring, a slow cooked leg of lamb, meatballs and curry, not to mention the sit down buffet lunches and breakfasts twice every day. In between eating, we went on a boat trip and got an old anchor caught up in the engine so we had to pull the boat on shore and we saw the skeleton of a beached whale. Unfortunately Matt didn’t manage to catch any cod, as the sea was too rough for us to stay out there. My sister managed to go for a couple of good walks and I just enjoyed myself and recharged my batteries by finding shelter from the wind and enjoying the sunshine on the decking, looking at the beautiful views.

Some of the loaves of bread

The lamb before going into the oven for 5 hours

Fried herring


Last week, as we were away, I didn’t do a food plan – and this week I also didn’t do one – instead I just went and bought some vegetables and meats and let’s see what comes out of that. Couldn’t be bothered making a list when it’s only Lukas and I who are here, most days.

So that was what has gone on in my world of food lately! Hope you enjoyed it!

Food plan, week 13

As I suspected, most of our dinners were consumed at my sister’s, so we have a lot of “roll overs” this week. Let’s see if I manage to consume more dinners at home this week – only time will tell!

Sundayquiche with turkey bacon and spinach, served with salad

Monday: Sausages and potato salad (possibly on the grill if the weather continues being this nice)

Tuesday: Meatballs in a curry sauce with rice and salad

Wednesday: My sister’s birthday, so we are there for dinner

Thursdaytomato soup

Friday: Braised beef, cooked in the Römertopf, served with potatoes and salad

Saturday: I am cooking with Noelia all day, so will not be home for dinner and the boys will have to sort themselves out!