This is me

I am Johanne – a teacher, mother and passionate amateur cook…….. I love cooking and I cook everything I can and I try to do it as inexpensively as possible as I never have quite enough money!

I am married to Matt, a brillant photographer from Middlesbrough, England. Together we have made a child; Lukas, 6 years old, as we speak. We met in England and married, had a child and bought a house – then came the recession and my job went and we had to make some drastic decisions on how to survive and the answer was to move back to Denmark, where I am from. It was a really good decision as we are close to my amazing family in Stjær, just outside Århus, Jutland, Denmark.

When I am not at home I am a teacher at a private school in Århus – I teach English and German and work with kids who need an extra hand learning and coping – I love my job, my work and my family.

For my last birthday present, my family pooled all their money together and bought me a dough maker and it has opened a whole new chapter of my life – baking! I could never quite be bothered with the stickiness on my fingers, but with the new gadget, I am now baking all the time and inspired by the baking part of the River Cottage programs, I have embarked on crispy loaves and sourdough breads.

Other recent projects have been; the full Indian take-away feast just as we used to order it back in the UK: Onion Bhajis, Lamb samosas, Lamb Rogan Josh, Chicken Tikka Balti, Saag Aloo, Bombay Potatoes and naan breads……mmmmmmmmmmm. I have also cooked and baked my way to Christmas Presents; Jamie Oliver’s Cheeky Chilli Chutney, a spicy and fragrant mango and apple chutney and parmesan and rosemary biscuits……. packed in a nice box with smelly cheeses – it was very well received…..(see the links for all the above under the blog post: Christmas Presents)

I cook heart dishes – things you would serve for dinner and things you would serve when friends and family come over – I am not a fine dining cook and I am not into desserts. Also I am not good at salads. That’s why I have invited my sister Katrine, to blog about salads and my friend Karen, to blog about desserts.

I love to talk, I love to write and I love to cook – all in all a food blog is perfect for me – welcome to Johanne’s World of Food!


1 thought on “This is me

  1. For the first time I have read your blog with big interest and focus, – I have let myself feel inspired both by the recipes and the slimming part. I’m looking forward to bringing it all with me to my next stay in Turkey, – the land of vegetables, olives, cheese, chicken and fish. Thank you Johanne.

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