Food plan, week 39, 2013

Sunday: Left overs – thai Chicken pot, and chicken with Jensen’s sauce

Monday: at a meeting, will bring avocado, smoked mackrel, vegetables, homemade cracker bread and creme fraiche dressing

Tuesday: Same as Monday

Wednesday: Cabbage/carrots/green bean/onion/minced chinese beef pot (with noodles for Lukas)

Thursday: At a meeting, not sure what to bring, there will be food, am waiting to hear if it’s something I can eat. I may just bring leftovers from the day before.

Friday: Chicken in the oven, served with a green bean salad and bearnaise sauce (oven potatoes for Lukas)

Saturday: leftover chicken, fried up with vegetables (what’s left in the fridge) and served with sauce

Sunday: Cauliflower pizza (grate cauliflower, mix with egg yolks and cheese. Spread out in a thin layer, bake till brown, add toping as normal and bake again)


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