Right, now I have logged on via my iPad and that makes everything so much easier – I can actually write and put pictures on the blog directly without having to transfer to my computer. This is my first attempt, so bear with me if I fail.

I am attemprting low carb again – I know that I said last time it wasn’t for me, but I misunderstood the concept; didn’t realise I had to substitute for lots of fat, which I am doing now!

I have so far (and when I get a chance and some time) created loads of lovely dishes with low carb, but high fat. I have lost 2,8 kg in 11 days, which is really good!






Above we have homemade crackerbread, osso buko in a pot with cauliflower mash, low carb lasagne (yes, it IS possible) egg, bacon, mozarella and tomato omelette, pancakes with creme fraiche (with sweetner and blueberries)…..

I really like this way of eating – I always miss the fat when I am dieting and it never lasts, but you have all the benefits of the taste and texture of the fatty products, combined with the creativity of trying to find alternatives to the normal way of cooking, so I find myself in the kitchen looking for recipes and trying them off……

But on a personal note – I am still single (there was something about a joiner and an engeneer, but no longer), am happy, had an amazing summer with Lukas and I have started a part time degree to study to become a reading and writing advisor for kids who struggle learning the concept! It’s hard work, but I like it and I can see the direct benefit of the work I am doing, so that can only be good.

Anyway, am looking forward to blogging again now I am on a platform that’s a little bit easier to access for me!!!


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