Well, life has thrown me a curve ball – or I threw it, still not sure, but some things have changed drastically. I am not ready to reveal the details as it may not be permanent, but it means I have been having a hard time recently and I have not actually exercised or eaten well for quite a few months. I need to get back to life and thereby I also mean get back to taking more care of myself, exercising more and eating better again. This is all theoretical, though, as I am still feeling stressed inside and when I’m stressed, I find it hard to concentrate on these things.

Also, a group has been formed on Facebook called Baggy Trousers  it’s a private group for people who want to lose weight and it inspired me to get started again and to start blogging about food again, so here I find myself, on my blog again for the first time since Mother’s Day in the beginning of May. I have nothing to report on the issue of food, apart from the intent to START reposrting on the issue of food soon!