Mother’s Day

I was brought up with Mother’s Day being a commercial stunt and something we didn’t celebrate. In England it was a bit more advertised and we used to make a little bit of a point out of it, but back here in Denmark it has been forgotten completely – and though I do agree that it is a commercial stunt, a little part of me still gets dissapointed when nothing happens – and at the same time, I don’t want to fall into the claws of the florists.

This morning I got up before anyone else (as I always do) and no one had remembered Mother’s Day (still not sure how to feel about it), but we decided to do something nice as a family – we discussed the pool (discarded as we are going to my dad’s next weekend and the pool there is a mini water world), going to see The Avengers (also discarded as it’s a certificate 11 and Lukas is only 6), having dinner at a restaurant (discarded as it’s really expensive and it’ll be busy with mothers and kids celebrating Mother’s Day), so we ended up on having a picnic on a beach some where later. So right  now I am cooking:
We are having
  • home made cheesy buns
  • homemade vegetable samosas
  • Pasta salad
  • crisps and cinnamon swirls (not homemade)………..

I guess that getting the chance to cook for my family is in the end the nicest celebration of Mother’s Day for me