Man, it’s a long time since I was last on here. Life has been pretty hectic the last 3 weeks and writing on a food blog seemed the last thing I had time to do. But things have quieted down a bit and I have a moment, sitting in my bed, under the bunk we made for Lukas, in a ray of sunshine, whilst Lukas and his mate are entertaining themselves in front of the television. Matt is at my dad’s chopping wood, so am looking forwards to a couple of days of Lukas and Mummy time.

What has happened, food wise, since I was last on here? Well, I have started cooking at parties with Noelia. It’s hard work, but I learn a lot and Noelia is great company. We have done two dos so far – a 25 year anniversary with 74 people and a wedding with 70 people. Noelia’s food can be characterised with the words: buffet, simple, hearty with a twist of warm countries. So far I have learned how to make a REAL guacamole (mine is apparently just an avocado dip with garlic, shame on me) spanakopita, a load of fish dishes and tasted her slow cooked roast of sirloin, which had been cooked at 50 degrees for 5 hours – it melted in my mouth – SO glad, I am not a vegetarian.

Another food event was our holiday to Norway where the key words were: bread, LOADS of food and beauty. We visited my cousin and he lives on the southern coast of Norway in a place which is so beautiful, you cannot describe it, so I will just post a picture instead!

View from the decking

We ate so much food; I am surprised I only gained 1 kg. We baked about 12 loaves of bread and 8 baguettes, had freshly caught herring, a slow cooked leg of lamb, meatballs and curry, not to mention the sit down buffet lunches and breakfasts twice every day. In between eating, we went on a boat trip and got an old anchor caught up in the engine so we had to pull the boat on shore and we saw the skeleton of a beached whale. Unfortunately Matt didn’t manage to catch any cod, as the sea was too rough for us to stay out there. My sister managed to go for a couple of good walks and I just enjoyed myself and recharged my batteries by finding shelter from the wind and enjoying the sunshine on the decking, looking at the beautiful views.

Some of the loaves of bread

The lamb before going into the oven for 5 hours

Fried herring


Last week, as we were away, I didn’t do a food plan – and this week I also didn’t do one – instead I just went and bought some vegetables and meats and let’s see what comes out of that. Couldn’t be bothered making a list when it’s only Lukas and I who are here, most days.

So that was what has gone on in my world of food lately! Hope you enjoyed it!