Food plan, week 9

Here I am again with a poorly Lukas – this time it’s not his ears, but the flu – PROPER flu, not the kind of flu you have when you say “I have the flu”, but really you have a cold with a bit of a temperature. Thankfully we have Calpol and a big bed and he is able to sleep.

But that aside, it is time to plan next week and do the shopping. We have had to buy a new DVD player, so I am trying to compensate for that buy, by looking through my fridge and freezer again.

Sunday: Chicken curry served with rice, naan bread and onion bhajis

Monday: Breaded fish with boiled potatoes and parsley sauce. Served with a salad

Tuesday: Tortellini with a tomato/bacon sauce, served with salad

Wednesday: I am not at home – Lukas and Matt will cook for themselves, possibly pizza from the freezer.

Thursday:  Meatloaf with leek (place leeks in a ovenproof dish and spread the meatloaf on top). Serve with a winter coleslaw and homemade wedges. 

Friday: Cottage pie, served with peas

Saturday: What-is-left-in-the-fridge-soup with homemade buns

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