The Low Carb Adventure: The end

Last night, after eating a sensible amount of wholegrain bread and a few potatoes during the day, I had so much more energy than during the last week and a half and felt like actually participating in life around me again, so I have hereby finished my experiment – low carb is not for me…. I have however learned that I don’t need the carb as the bulk of my meal, but that I can substitute some of it with hearty salads, so it hasn’t been totally in vain to do it………… also my initial weight loss was a one off and when I weighed myself again, some of it had come on again, so my weight loss whilst eating low carb, is no more than on my normal diet (well, not from what I could observe for this small amount of time)

What was the most frustrating was that I felt so tired I didn’t go to my normal amount of exercise classes and when I did, I couldn’t hardly lift my legs off the floor!

I know I didn’t do it by the book and that I didn’t do the detox to start out or cut all carbs totally out, but I never wanted to do that, and am still not planning to – it becomes too much like a diet and not a sustainable lifestyle change, so now I am back to healthy, normal living and can start thinking about making pasta again (just have to remember not to eat too much)……..


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