Food Plan, week 8

I know – I seem to have skipped a week, I have decided to follow the calendar weeks rather than my own and this is week 8 according to the calendar.

I finally got to weigh myself for the first time since I started cutting down drastically on my carbs and was pleased to see a 2 lb (1 kg) weight loss since Tuesday……… that is the biggest loss in 5 days since the first dramatic weight loss back in August and that is without having been to the gym and having eaten LOADS of food whenever I wanted……. I think I can do this for a little longer.

Now, I have to plan my first full carb free food plan and that is going to take some thinking………. I also have to plan lunches now as I usually just have some toppings and bread at school, but now I am having to think meat and vegetables rather than sandwiches, so I have to have shopped for the right things and be prepared………

Monday: am (hopefully) out, so the boys will make something themselves. I will have an omelette when I get back in.

Tuesday: Pork chops with a vegetable and tomato sauce in the oven with melted cheese. Served with salad (and boiled potatoes or pasta)

Wednesday: Mince beef filled vegetables, served with a green bean salad (and baked potatoes)

Thursday; I am at work all day and night, so will eat there……… Matt and Lukas will cook something for themselves.

Friday: chicken curry served with onion bhajis.

Saturday: Gammon with spinach in a white sauce (and potatoes)

Sunday: curried meatballs (with rice) and salad

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