The Low Carb Adventure: tomato soup with chicken breast and brocoli

Have yet to have a 100% free carb day (with carbs I still mean the ones that come in the form of starchy products) – woke up and had not shopped properly at my dad’s yesterday and had to have a slice of bread, but went carb free for the rest of the day.

Last night, Matt made a tomato soup with loads of vegetables (red peppers, celery, tomatoes and onions – more or less the soup from Egg Cafe, but without the potatoes) and made bowls of filling on the side so the rest of the family could add toppings as they wished – bacon, chicken strips, chunks of potatoes, brocoli – you could also make bowls with pasta, croutons, roasted seeds etc. In order for me to get the protein and calories that I required, I had a whole chicken breast to go with the soup………… it was nice – and more or less carb free….. so far it’s going okay and I am looking forward to seeing if it has an effect on the scales when I get home.

The meals I had earlier in the day consisted of: Breakfast: cottage cheese, avocado and tuna and for lunch: omelette with bacon, mushrooms, onions and cheese.

I am really enjoying tucking into the foods I have deprived myself of – cheese, eggs, avocado and loads of meats…..

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