Food plan, week 6, winter half term!

Well, have had a week of not really bothering with food, but there has still been an overall theme: stir frys (and pasta): Tuesday my friend’s boyfriend made us a Pad Thai (Thai Stir fry) and it was delicious……. turns out I have met a fellow foodie and we have arranged for us to visit them and cook my Indian meal from scratch – really looking forward to it – it is always nice to be nerdy about food with other people who are nerdy about food.

Wednesday I went for dinner with my colleagues to a Sushi bar and I had their stir fry there – it is a really good concept where you decide which vegetables, meat, carbs and sauce you want and they fry it up for you – it was delicious and cost next to nothing. Thursday I made myself a beef stir fry (local shop had a very good offer on beef). I sliced the beef thinly, beat it up with a meat hammer and quickly fried it with mushrooms, peppers and onions. The sauce was made out of soy sauce, hoi sin saice, sugar, chili, chicken stock and corn starch. I would normally add fresh ginger and garlic, but had run out of both. It was served with noodles. It was ok – an still trying to make the perfect recipe for stir fry sauce and it is hit and miss…………mostly miss to be honest and the noodles were not good. The stir fry looked more impressive than it tasted…….. also made a couple of spring rolls (from the freezer, I am afraid to say – am desperate to try to make my own, but that will be another time).

Well, next week is half term and on Wednesday we are going up to my dad’s so we only have Monday and Tuesday to plan for.

Mondaya salmon and capers dish, which I think will taste delicious. Will omit the dill as Matt is not a fan. I will serve this with homemade hollandaise sauce (perhaps, may chicken out last minute and make one from a bag but so far am intending on trying it out……). Lukas hates fish so am not sure what he is having yet.

Healthy Salmon

Tuesday: Breaded mince pork patties (carbonader), served with small boiled potatoes, lightly coated in butter and parsley and a green bean salad.

The rest is out of my hands as we are not at home, but I would be really surprised if I didn’t get to cook a day or two at my dad’s. My step mum is an excellent cook, so if she makes something interesting, I may just let you know how she did it 🙂


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