Food plan, week 6, 2012

This week I am home alone. Matt and Lukas are in England, so my food plan is looking pretty much like this: (would much prefer to spend my food budget on having fun with friends than making elaborate dinners for myself)

Monday: leftover spaghetti and meatballs from the weekend

Tuesday: At my friend’s fro dinner

Wednesday; Sushi in town for friends

Thursday: leftover tomato sauce from pizza with pasta

Friday: At my sister’s if they can be bothered having me

Saturday: out with a friend

Sunday: Hangover food…… probably McDonalds the way back from my friend’s

I will be doing loads of exercise classes, so really my week should look like this:

Monday: Thai Bo and Dance Fit

Tuesday: Zumba and Step Fit Intro

Wednesday; Swimming

Thursday: Zumba and Afro Powerdance

Friday: Latin Body Movement

Saturday: Body Fit and Latin Mix – possibly followed by a night out with my friend Karina……

Sunday: hangover!!!!

Matt and Lukas have not been to England together for ages. Lukas hasn’t been for more than 2 years and he is really excited to visit his grandma – and I am excited to have some ¬†time to myself! WHOOP WHOOP!


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