Food plan, week 4, 2012

I am still trying to keep costs down (looking forward till next payday so we can have something a little bit more interesting). Still have a few things in the freezer which I of course will incorporate.

Sunday: chicken tikka masala and saag aloo with naan bread and onion bhajis and homemade mango chutney (at my sister’s – my brother has not yet had my Indian feast so will cook part of it.)

Monday: Chili con carne (big pot so there are leftovers for the next day) and red cabbage cole slaw. Served with rice.

Tuesday: I am at the cinema, (The Help (Niceville), in case you were wondering). Matt and Lukas: baked potatoes with chili con carne and cheese (or baked beans and cheese) and salad. Johanne’s packed lunch: Leftover chili con carne and pita bread

Wednesday: I am at a meeting all evening, Matt and Lukas: Chips and gravy with sausages, served with broccoli. Johanne’s packed lunch: pita bread with meatballs and vegetables.

Thursday: Rice pudding with sugar, cinnamon and butter knob

Friday: Homemade burgers.

Burger a la Ripon with homemade sesame seed bun

Saturday: Vegetable soup with whatever is left in the fridge – served with freshly baked bread.


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