Food plan, week 3, 2012

Well, this week the theme is “inexpensive” as money needs to be spread thinly for the rest of the month – but that is an achievement in itself, one which I quite enjoy….. going to use as much as possible again from the freezer and fridge, and make some not-so-inspired-but-inexpensive meals, so here we go:

Sunday: Pork meatballs (frikadeller) with potatoes and a white cabbage stew

Monday: Matt and Lukas home alone: beans on toast. I will have some bread when I come back from training.

Tuesday: Tortellinin with bacon and tomato sauce, served with salad

Wednesday: Tomato soup with fresh bread

ThursdayBroth with vegetables, dough balls and meat balls (from last week, we got invited out for dinner Saturday, so we still have the ingredients)

Friday: Homemade pizza with whatever topping we have available

Saturday: Omelette served with salad and bread


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