Chicken in the Römertopf

Am christening another Christmas present today: the Römertopf, the clay pot with a lid. You are supposed to be able to cook all sorts of things in it, but everyone says: “bung in a chicken – it’ll be great”.

So I have bunged in a chicken, as ordered! I threw in some pieces of apple, celery, onions and some bacon …. exciting times.

Chicken in a pot

To go with it I have cut up a mix of root vegetables: potatoes, beetroot (not the stuff in vinegar – the vegetable itself) and parsnips and roasted them next to the pot with thyme, lemon, salt, pepper and a little bit of honey. I saw Jamie (Oliver, my mate) do something like that once and it made the vegetable shiny, crisp and slightly caramelised….

Baked root vegetables with lemon, thyme, sea salt and honey

I also made winter coleslaw: finely sliced red cabbage, small cubes of apple, fresh leek, some roasted nuts and a balsamic red wine vinegar, oil, honey and mustard vinaigrette  – some raisins also taste nice in there as well as some slices of orange….

Winter cole slaw

The whole dinner tasted really good and the chicken was really moist and tender- am now looking forward to making a loaf of bread in the pot…..that’s supposed to be better than any baker’s bread!

Bread in the Römertopf, not my picture - pictures is from madifoelgemig.bloegspot

5 thoughts on “Chicken in the Römertopf

    • I did, but turned out it wasn’t necessary as the water from the vegetables and the juice of the chicken along with the water retained from soaking the pot beforehand was enough to make loads of stock. I didn’t need the stock for gravy as the baked vegetables in themselves had loads of taste, but if you want stock to make gravy from, then you can add 1 dl. of water to make a little bit more stock.

  1. How long did you give the chicken dish in the oven? Have just made something similar and put it into 200 degrees, and Ive no idea how long it will take till its finished 🙂

    And did you cut the chicken up in any way?

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