Christmas presents for me

Well, it is no surprise that I received some  kitchen related presents this year; my brother gave me a pizza stone and my step mum bought me a Römertopf:


This beauty is supposed to make cooking healthier, easier and less messy as it’s an all-in-one-pot kinda pot!

Am excited to experiment with the pizza stone and the pot – have never tried either!

6 thoughts on “Christmas presents for me

  1. Hey there girlfriend :-). I’ll have to follow this as I got a Romertopf for Christmas as well and don’t have a clue how to use it ;-).
    Good going with the blog. Best of luck!


  2. I have been using them for years. THEY ARE GREAAAAAT !!!!
    Try throwing in a chicken (seasonned to taste) and then take it out 1 – 1 and 15 min. later depending on how big it is, and you will have the most lovely chicken with gravy in the bottom, and with all skin on breast, wings, and legs crispy as you wouldn’t believe. 😀

    Because it is made of clay, it breathes. LOOOOOOVELY !

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