Food plan, week 41

Sunday: Cauliflower couscous with chicken wrapped in bacon filled with ajvar

Monday: Peppers filled with spices mince, topped with cheese, served a tomato sauce and tzatziki

Tuesday: Sausages and a winter coleslaw

Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs (with proteinpasta for me and normal pasta for Lukas)

Thursday: eat at the school – Lukas has a bought sandwich, I will bring one on a protein bun

Friday: Pizza (normal style)

Saturday: Quiche with an almond base, with bacon and cheese – served with a winter coleslaw


LCHF quiche with spinach and hotsmoked trout

Today, when I stepped onto my scales, I had lost 4 kg (8 lb) in 18 days (and that in spite of me having a carb feast at the weekend)……. It really spurs me on! I am eating about 1800 kcal/day at the moment and I have not had time to exercise, so it’s purely down to the diet!

I have been wanting to try alternative ways of making normal carb filled meals. I don’t think you can really substitute cauliflower for rice and there is no alternative to the potato, but I have figured out how to make something that resembles pasta and today I have tried out a recipe for making a quiche.

I stole the recipe for the base off this blog:


It is crisp and I have already had a little taste of the “pastry” and it is delicious.

140 g almonds
30 g sesame seeds
30 s sunflower seeds
1 egg
40 g butter
1/2 tsp salt

3 eggs
60 g of grated cheese
100 g of milk or as I have use, cream
100 g chopped spinach
a packet of hot-smoked trout (125 g) or any fish, smoked or fresh, you like.

Put the nuts and seeds in an electrical chopper and chop till it’s fine like flour.
Mix with the butter, making sure it’s all even. Then mix the egg in.
Spread the mixture into a quiche dish, spread evenly and up the sides.
Bake at 160 degreed for 15 minutes.

Now mix the eggs, cheese, cream and spinach. Add salt and pepper. Spread the fiks and then the egg mixture onto the precooked base.

Bake at 200 degrees for 30 minuttes (keep an eye on it.

I am serving this as lunch for a colleague who is also follwing the lchf principles…. can’t wait to see what she thinks!

Food plan, week 39, 2013

Sunday: Left overs – thai Chicken pot, and chicken with Jensen’s sauce

Monday: at a meeting, will bring avocado, smoked mackrel, vegetables, homemade cracker bread and creme fraiche dressing

Tuesday: Same as Monday

Wednesday: Cabbage/carrots/green bean/onion/minced chinese beef pot (with noodles for Lukas)

Thursday: At a meeting, not sure what to bring, there will be food, am waiting to hear if it’s something I can eat. I may just bring leftovers from the day before.

Friday: Chicken in the oven, served with a green bean salad and bearnaise sauce (oven potatoes for Lukas)

Saturday: leftover chicken, fried up with vegetables (what’s left in the fridge) and served with sauce

Sunday: Cauliflower pizza (grate cauliflower, mix with egg yolks and cheese. Spread out in a thin layer, bake till brown, add toping as normal and bake again)

Carb hangover feast!

Friday I went out. I had a friend come down to visit me and we wanted to get drunk, so we went out, me completely convinced that I could stay on the lchf road and only order vodka and diet coke….. however one tiny glass of that was 50 kr, but 10 shots of glasses of lovely, sugar-filled shots were only 100 kr and I could not afford to say no…….. I am proud to say that I resisted eating junk food…….that night! Next morning, with a hangover, I attempte to recoperate by eating bacon and eggs, but it just didn’t do the trick, and I ended up in Burger King, where a Whopper Meal was devoured (and very apprecated)……. then it was crisps, then potatoes for dinner…….. It was very sinfull, but I have to say I enjoyed every bite of it. It was yummy, but I have no doubt that I am back on the striaight and narrow today, because this morning I had gained 1,2 kg and am hoping they come off again very fast with a bit of focus!

Today’s plan: 2 classes at the gym (Zumba and Body Fit), home to read the rest of the text for Tuesday’s lecture and then lots of good, heathy low carb food for the rest of the day!

Next week is busy with meetings 3 evenings, so I need to stay focused!


Right, now I have logged on via my iPad and that makes everything so much easier – I can actually write and put pictures on the blog directly without having to transfer to my computer. This is my first attempt, so bear with me if I fail.

I am attemprting low carb again – I know that I said last time it wasn’t for me, but I misunderstood the concept; didn’t realise I had to substitute for lots of fat, which I am doing now!

I have so far (and when I get a chance and some time) created loads of lovely dishes with low carb, but high fat. I have lost 2,8 kg in 11 days, which is really good!






Above we have homemade crackerbread, osso buko in a pot with cauliflower mash, low carb lasagne (yes, it IS possible) egg, bacon, mozarella and tomato omelette, pancakes with creme fraiche (with sweetner and blueberries)…..

I really like this way of eating – I always miss the fat when I am dieting and it never lasts, but you have all the benefits of the taste and texture of the fatty products, combined with the creativity of trying to find alternatives to the normal way of cooking, so I find myself in the kitchen looking for recipes and trying them off……

But on a personal note – I am still single (there was something about a joiner and an engeneer, but no longer), am happy, had an amazing summer with Lukas and I have started a part time degree to study to become a reading and writing advisor for kids who struggle learning the concept! It’s hard work, but I like it and I can see the direct benefit of the work I am doing, so that can only be good.

Anyway, am looking forward to blogging again now I am on a platform that’s a little bit easier to access for me!!!

A new life

It’s along time since I wrote anything in here! Food is my creative outlet and my creative outlet gets put on hold when I don’t feel too good – and I have not felt good! I recently separated from my husband. It was hard, but we both agree, necessary. We are the best of friends again, which is good. We agree on everything for the first time in alooooong time – what to do with Lukas, economy, private life etc. We are both a lot happier than we were, so that’s all good. Lukas stays with each of us for 7 days at a time, which is something he, himself, has wished for!

It’s hard on Lukas, but I totally thinks that as long as Matt and I can continue our great teamwork, Lukas will be alright.

I have lived with my lovely sister and her family and I am utterly grateful for their hospitality and open arms every time I am in need. They are the most amazing people, who let me into their lives, though they are having a hard time as it is. But now Matt has found a new flat closer to The Big City, Århus. That means that Lukas and I can move back into our old flat very soon, and I know we are all looking forward to it.

Foodwise, I am hoping to find my creativity again, but s far, my time has been spent thinking I was a teenager with crazy parties, drinking, snogging, dating and generally cathing up! It’s awesome and I am loving every moment of it!

Life has its ups and downs and my days are no different, but generally I am happy and looking forward to what the rest of my life brings me!